Strippers Perform A “Sh*tty Show” At Popular Florida Strip Club After Contracting Diarrhea

Several strippers at a popular Jacksonville, Florida strip club were unable to control their bowels while performing their pole routine after contracting diarrhea from a tainted buffet at the venue.
Witnesses at the club reported three dancers were performing on separate poles on stage when the first sign of trouble arose. According to an eyewitness who was close to the stage says he noticed a “bad smell” and thought the guy next to him farted. Next, he says he noticed the smell started to get worst as other guys around him began to look around to see where the smell was coming from.
He continues by saying that one of the dancers could no longer hold it. A stream of “brown liquid” was seen running down the stripper’s legs, then all of a sudden the brown liquid gushed all over the stage causing several customers to throw up while others ran towards the exit.
According to the witness, the other two dancers lost control of their bowels as they began to slide down the poles. As the three dancers tried to exit the stage, they found themselves in deeper “sh*t as they quickly figured out that high heels and diarrhea do not mix.
Moreover, customers also reported diarrhea and vomiting as a result from the club’s free buffet and “Sh*tty Show.”
Although Lab analysis has yet to come back, a source familiar with the investigation says that “bad shrimp” is believed to be the cause. The source also stated that in most cases such as the diarrhea incident, improperly cleaned shrimp is the most common cause.

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