R&B Singer Christopher Williams Arrested For Petty Theft

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, the R&B singer was arrested at a Kohl’s store in Georgia for swiping a pair of JBL headphones priced at $100.

That would keep u wondering how does an R&B singer not have a pair of good headphones to listen to music with? Well, singer, Christopher Williams didn’t have a pair so so he decided to take one according to TMZ.

Wearing a baseball cap and carrying a tote bag, Williams walked to the back of the store and dropped the headphones into his bag.

Leaving the store, Williams was stopped by security who asked for the headphones. He replied saying he forgot about putting them in his bag. Police officers were called to the store soon after.

he singer was booked for petty theft, misdemeanor and was released hours later…

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