“I call visiting my kids the little kid tour!” Says Fettywap

American rapper Fetty Wap is unarguably enjoying a lot of social media recognition and trust when you hear it has nothing to do with his music.

Its no news the baby mama drama surrounding the rapper at the moment with two of his women currently at each others throats. Well he stopped by at the Sway in the Morning Show yesterday to talk about his life, his music and of course what we all desperately want to know; his baby mama drama!

Though Fetty Wap did not discuss any of his babymamas and especially not infamous Masika Kalysha or Alexis Sky, he said a lot about his kids. he jokingly pointed out how he thinks of his visits to his kids. he even names the special time “the little kid tour”.  Well he’s about to add another kid to the tour as Alexis Sky still insists Fetty Wap is her baby daddy. Congrats in advance to Fetty Wap

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