Antwain Fowler

Antwain Fowler Dies Of Auto-Immune Enteropathy

Internet star, Antwain Fowler, a 6 year old lovely boy who went viral for the ‘Where We About To Eat At’ videos and other loads of memes passed away just last week after battling with Auto-immune Enteropathy since 2015. Antwain Fowler was loved and very popular on social media and his short time on earth put a smile on the faces of people worldwide.

Antwain Fowler

Apparently while doing videos with his mum, Antwain Fowler had been frequenting the hospitals and has had over 25 surgeries and been hospitalized a lot of time. Auto-immune Enteropathy meant he couldn’t eat solid foods and drink milk like other kids his age.

Auto-immune Enteropathy is a disorder that keeps the body from properly absorbing nutrients and attacks the intestine. According to a GoFundMe set up by China Fowler, Antwain Fowler was diagnosed with autoimmune enteropathy in July 2015.

“Antwain has been hospitalized a countless number of times due to his poor health condition,” she wrote in the GoFundMe post. “Antwain has undergone over 25 surgeries.”

Some Twitter reactions when the news got out

Rest in peace Antwain Fowler, you were loved and you would definitely be missed.

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