Zoe Spears, black transgender woman shot and killed in Maryland subhurb

Zoe Spears: Black Transgender Woman Found Dead In Maryland Suburb

On June 13th, 23 years old Zoe Spears, a Black transgender woman, was shot and killed in Fairmount Heights, Maryland neighborhood, just three months after another trans woman was killed just a few blocks away. According to the Prince George Police Department police, the 23-year-old was shot multiple times and pronounced dead at the scene….

Son kills father on fathers day

Marcus Sakers Arrested After Killing His Father on Father’s Day

Marcus Sakers, a 32-year old man from Miami, was arrested on Monday in connection with the fatal shooting of his 60 year old father, Fedel Peake, during an altercation on Father’s Day. Marcus now faces a charge of second-degree murder. According to an arrest affidavit, Eyewitnesses said Sakers and his 60-year old father, Fedel Peake,…

19 year old Eniola alike died in southeast london

19 year old Eniola Aluko Shot Dead In A Car Park In South-East London

A 19 year old Eniola Aluko died on Friday after sustaining gunshot wounds to the neck and chest. The Police said they were called to the scene, a car park on Hartville Road, just before 5pm. Mr Eniola Aluko was found with critical injuries and died at the scene a short while later after armed…

Scene of shooting at Philadephia graduation party

Six People Shot and 1 fatally Killed at Philadelphia Graduation Party.

On June 16, 2019, six people were shot at a graduation party that took place in a park in Southwest Philadelphia neighbourhood and one of them was killed.This happened shortly after 10pm on a dead end street. Earlier, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross gave reporters slightly larger numbers, saying four adults in their twenties suffered…