brittany k. barnett

Brittany K. Barnett: Who I She & What IS The Konnetion With Kim Kardashian?

So we have all heard of how Kim Kardashian and Brittany K. Barnett helped release 17 inmates and reunited them with families. Amazing job if you ask me. Media has been superkind to Kim Kardashian solely and everyone carried the news. However, it seems, she did not work alone, but linked up with Brittany K….

Cardi B makes the Cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

Who would not want to be Cardi B right now? First her single “Bodark Yellow” hit number one on the charts making history, then her boyfriend pops the question with a massive 8 carat diamond,  and now, she makes the cover of the famous Rolling Stone magazine. How exciting this must all be for Cardi.

Kashdoll Really Upset Over Cardi B Receiving The Spirit of Detroit Award

Kashdoll, a Detroit  rapper, is not finding it funny after Cardi B was given the Spirit of Detroit Award. She feels it is ‘disrespectful ‘ that Cardi B have to get the award because there’s no indication for what Cardi B has done for Detroit to receive such award. Social media lit up about the…

Dark-Skinned Strippers In NYC Go On Strike Due To Discrimination Over Skin Color

Dark-skinned dancers are on strike in New York City over reports of discrimination against them and club owners always favoring the light-skinned strippers. Usually, the biggest nights for dancers are when celebrities are in the house making it rain — a slang term for throwing money in the air and watching it float down. The…

Shaquille O’Neal & Laticia Rolle, Sparks Up Engagement Rumors In New Photo

The former NBA Laticia Rolle, recently posted a photo showing off an impressive diamond ring on her ring finger. Shaquille O’Neal may officially be off the market. Shaq dated former reality star Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. He was also married to Basketball Wives star and producer Shaunie O’Neal, whom he shares four children with. No commented…