US Marshals Shooting of 20 years old Brandon Webber gives rise to Memphis Protest.

Brandon Webber who was an honor student at Central High School in Memphis and was enrolled at the University of Memphis was shot fatally on Wednesday by U.S. Marshals during an altercation outside his family’s home in North Memphis, causing a protest to erupt after. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, officers from the…

4 year old maleah davis

4 Year Old Maleah Davis Has Been Missing For A Week, Car Has Been Found

Maleah Davis, a 4 year old Houston girl, has been missing for over a week and it seems no headway is being made. Maleah Davis was abducted on a Houston highway after her stepfather was allegedly knocked out by the abductors. Very bizarre case, but even more bizarre is how the car shows in a…

brittany k. barnett

Brittany K. Barnett: Who I She & What IS The Konnetion With Kim Kardashian?

So we have all heard of how Kim Kardashian and Brittany K. Barnett helped release 17 inmates and reunited them with families. Amazing job if you ask me. Media has been superkind to Kim Kardashian solely and everyone carried the news. However, it seems, she did not work alone, but linked up with Brittany K….

Step Aside Tyrese! Shannon Sharpe Wants a Spot in Fast & Furious 9

From the desk of American football tight end player, Shannon Sharpe, it appears that Tyrese spot in blockbuster movie, Fast and Furious might be on shaky grounds and Tyrese has got himself to blame for it. Wish me luck. I’m auditioning for Tyrese’s spot on F&F9. 🙏🏾 — shannon sharpe (@ShannonSharpe) November 1, 2017…