What Message Is Donald Trump Trying To Convey By Tweeting #covfefe

Donald Trump has been active on Twitter since his return from his first overseas trip as president.  He has really kept the ball Rollin with a tweet shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning. Well, what does the word  ‘covfefe’even mean?  Most of Trump’s fellow Twitter users jumped all over the apparent mistake. And #covfefe quickly…

Is Rihanna Pregnant? The Internet Thinks So

The internet is buzzing with claims that Rihanna is pregnant. Although she has neither confirmed or denied the rumors, her fans have declared her pregnancy all over social media. Lol. But really, can we declare a woman pregnant because she got a little thicker? 

Domestic Violence Video: Man Beats His Wife To Near Coma In Kwara State

This says it all!! He knows how to beat her but he doesn't have strength to carry her. Useless idiot woman beater @Ayourb @worthyfynda pic.twitter.com/vxNW8EdMgB — M. A. Olatoki (@Don_olatoki) May 17, 2017 The woman has been taken to hospital..I can't stop thinking how wicked some souls are! Please stop dehumanizing your spouse,it is wrong….

Kanye West Deletes All His Social Media Accounts

Kanye West social media accounts have all disappeared. Is new music on the way?! Did he just need a break? Who really knows.. What say you on this. His Twitter and Instagram social media accounts had tens of millions of followers. The reasons why were unclear but last November he ended a tour early. He…

Biracial Winner Of Miss Black University Of Texas Sparks Colorism Debate

Hot debate on twitter.  Rachael Malinda was crowned Miss Black of the University of Texas this past Sunday but she’s been critizied for not being “Black enough.” Malonson says she was excited at first about the win and claims she almost didn’t submit to the competition because of her mixed race.  “It was definitely a…