The world watched on Tuesday as Apple finally unveiled its new line of smart products including the much-talked about iPhone X after several months of anticipation. 

The futuristic device has a staggering starting price tag of $999. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook described the device as being nothing short of “the future of the smartphone.” Nevertheless, social media users expressed shock at the hefty price tag attached to the new Apple offering. 

But while you are pondering on how anyone would fork out such amount to buy a phone, let’s take a look at the what makes it unique.

10 things you need to know about the iPhone X

1. It has no home button:

Unlike most iPhones, the iPhone X comes without a home button. Thus, the front side is covered in just screen. Users can return to the home screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. 

2. All glass ensemble 

Both the front and the back are covered with durable glass so you don’t need to worry about shattering it. Apple calls this an “all-glass design.” 

3. No limit to screen display 

All parts of the front of the iPhone is covered with the display screen. This means that the display covers the full face of the device, only leaving a small spot at the top for the camera. 

4.The battery lasts longer 

Compared to the iPhone 7, Apple boasts of a two extra hours battery life for its new iPhone X. 

5.Full pack of Animoji 

Users get to send an animated panda emoji with their voice and facial gestures using the new animoji feature on the iPhone X.

6.Uses face ID 

This is the showstopper that got tongues wagging. To unlock the new phone, users can use facial recognition, which Apple calls Face ID. The phone scans and recognises the user’s face which serves as a password to unlock it. Apple was able to achieve this through the use of a new camera system that relies on infrared, a dot projector and neural networks to create a mathematical model of faces.
Apparently, the era of fingerprint scans and passwords is fast becoming history.

7. Wireless charging 

Just like the 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone X will charge its battery without being connected with a cable wire. It’s based on Qi wireless charging.

8. Two colors 

The iPhone X comes only in silver and space gray. No gold this time. 

9.The iPhone X (10) 

According to Apple executives speaking about it at the event, the new iPhone is pronounced “ten,” not “X,”. 


The new iPhone is expected to begin shipping on November 3. It will be cheaper in some countries while some others will have to fork out a lot of money to buy it.

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