13-Year-Old Girl Kidnapped And Sold For Sex Via Online Advertisement 

FOX reports that a 13-year-old girl was held against her will in a North Philadelphia neighbourhood and sold for sex to more than a dozen men over a span of two days.  

Police reports that Fantasia Gale and four males tricked the teenager into believing that she would have a better life with them, but only a few hours in, the young teen found herself being sold for sex through an online advertisement. 

Investigators from Philadelphia’s sex trafficking task force report that the teenager did escape and took a bus to Temple Hospital’s emergency room.

Within minutes of being at the hospital, the task force was  contacted. Gale and two other suspects were arrested the next day,  with another suspect being busted overnight.

Police reports that the final suspect is still on the run. 

The suspects are facing trafficking, conspiracy, rape and sexual assault charges. 

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