14-Year Old pregnant Housemaid 'Chinecherem Chinze' Was Allegedly Disflowered By Her Master, In His Wife's Presences 

Chinecherem Chinze was allegedly abused sexually by a couple in Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State, where she was taken to work as a housemaid. The auto parts dealer, Ene Chidozie, ended up impregnating Chinecherem. He later sent her back to her base in Enugu.
Chinecherem was preparing to write the Junior WAEC last year, but the plan was frustrated by the inability of her widowed mother to raise the examination fee. 
With four other children to cater for since her husband died two years ago, the poor widow, Christiana Chinze, readily yielded to a suggestion that Chinecherem be sent to the couple, in March, 2016, to serve as a housemaid while they put her in school and take care of her education. 
Chinecherem said when she arrived Ikare in March last year, Chidozie’s wife, who she said was pregnant at the time, told her that she was brought to the house for a purpose that would be revealed to her at the appropriate time. 
In an interview with TheNation, Chinecherem said: “One day in August last year, she told me that the time for the purpose of my coming to Ikare had come. She asked me to enter her husband’s room. 
I entered the room but, surprisingly, I met him lying naked on his bed. He beckoned to me to come but I refused. I started begging him, telling him that I had not done such a thing before.
Suddenly, Aunty (Chidozie’s wife) came into the room and pushed me towards her husband. She then held me down while her husband deflowered me. I cried throughout that day. Thereafter, he continued to sleep with me. Each time Uncle wanted to sleep with me, his wife would help him to hold me down.”
When she became pregnant, she was taken back to Enugu State and abandoned with her mom. However, when contacted, Chidozie admitted impregnating her. He said that both families had discussed extensively and settled the issue and he’s willing to take care of her. 
Chinecherem’s predicament has however been condemned by gender and human rights activists who have vowed to monitor the development to prevent the case from being swept under the carpet. 

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