18 Year Old Mercedes Smith Commits Suicide And Her Boyfriend Did Same A Few Days Later Because People Allegedly Blamed Him For Her Death


Mercedes Smith, 18, of Cincinnati, Ohio ended her life in her college dorm room in Columbia, Kentucky on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

The Lindsey Wilson College freshman student-athlete and communication major, was found unresponsive in McCandless Residence Hall early Thursday morning.

Mercedes was a member of the LWC track and field team. LWC track and field head coach Jamaine Gordon said Mercedes had a vibrant personality that lit up the room.

“Mercedes was a good-spirited person who showed promise in her future,” said Gordon. “She was a fun and loving person and everyone enjoyed being around her. She will be truly missed.”…


Mercedes boyfriend and father of her unborn child, Markeice Brown, 20, was distraught over her loss and he left a 8-minutes-long tearful goodbye to his family and friends on Facebook along with the note seen below:




Markeice said they both didn’t get the support they needed. He was reportedly blamed for her death and harassed online. He said he wasn’t allowed to go to her funeral so he would go to her instead. On Saturday, April 22, he ended his life.


This is such a heartbreaking tragedy for both of these families. Mercedes will be laid to rest on Tuesday.

Update: Read OneRandomChick’s take on the sad event.

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30 thoughts on “18 Year Old Mercedes Smith Commits Suicide And Her Boyfriend Did Same A Few Days Later Because People Allegedly Blamed Him For Her Death

    1. Sad how the young people are dieing the believe that there’s no hope. Tell them about their Heavenly Father Jesus. He’s real oh mercy.

    2. I don’t go on facebook but my daughter told me about this. This fucked my whole day up. Shed alot of tears and this shit hurts my heart. Two beautiful young adults lives lost through sadness not illness. This is not the way to pass on. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH. I HOPE YOU ARE TOGETHER NOW AND IN PEACE. I’m sure your presence lives on. ???

  1. Peoples. Have. To. Take. Time. Out. To. See what. Really. Worring. One. Another. Instead. Of. Talking. Down. On. One. Another. We. All. Need. Love. That’s. Whats. Wrong. With. Peoples. Now. They. Donot. Have. Time. For. Each. Other. Until. It. Happon. To. Them

    1. So true seems as if there s no love in the world except for self.no way u should stop him from funeral .The mind of young people need love being even when they are unlovable.take time for understanding.iam grieved for these two inocent babies

      1. I am just sad ,sad and don’t even view things the same .Two precious souls gone and if he would been able to go to funeral it may could have saved his live .Emotions can been a dangerous thing . Children have to grow up so fast these day and in many chases there is no room for mistake but the only balance for this is the Gospel of Jesus Christ . My prayers are that they are together forever and I will see them one of these morning in peace .

  2. Come on world we can’t no longer keep silent of such Spirit that is taking the lives of These men,women,and children.you Don’t think it’s insane to hear a child have committed suicide? Who’s marching for them, who’s coming to their aid?Who’s protecting them? Who’s praying for them?We get worked up on social media showing love n support to foolishness…Marching for every dam thing but not even lifting a voice for the broken,those who are torment and feel alone or misunderstood.its a sickness n a spiritual attack.I truly believe that… Churches we have to pray because we are the ones that are equipped for such attacks.Doctors. we have to do more than Just provide depression pills. Parents\family we Have to pay attention our babies are crying out.. our husbands and wives have had enough.pay attention be supportive. Friends n peers let’s be More kind-hearted stop bullying stop down putting people .your ignorance will cause death.put the phones down n stop embarrassing one another.no one is perfect!!!!This is a serious matter to me… I’ve known so Many suicidal victims… Friends to personal relations.IT HURT’S! They’re hurt.n trust it wasn’t easy for him\her to have done it.Death is not sweet no matter how it comes.wake up world the devil is on his vacation chair watching us live with death like it’s normal like it’s OK…Well it’s not!!!!We have to get rid of this Spirit n sickness.STOP THE BLAME GAME!

    1. Yes stop hateing and blameing and pointing fingers noone is perfect but we need to strive to be and stop and listen to our children , friends, and family if they are hurting or struggling in life don’t point fingers or judge them take the time to listen to them and tell them you love them and pray with them and for them it’s time for Christians to take a stand for what’s right and be a light for someone in the dark and we all need to be on our knee’s praying for each other and the lost and the sad and lonely.stop and ask ourselves what would Jesus do? And if your truly a child of God you will know the answer is he would listen , love , never judge, and help them .well as Christians we have to start helping and listening and praying and showing the kind of love for people that Jesus had and parent’s pay attention to your children know where they are and what they are doing and know how they are feeling and let them know you love them and teach them that peace comes from being a child of God and giving to him all your burdens and letting his love and joy feel your heart’s and soul’s its the only true peace in this world.so please wake up and take the time to pray love and teach your kids about Jesus and his love and peace and joy.and let’s all pray one for another we as Christians have got to stand up and speak out to a world that is suffering and dieing it’s our job to tell the lost and hurting about Jesus and how to get saved and get true peace and joy.

  3. I pray that God has mercy on their souls! Folks we need to pray for one another! The devil is here to kill, steal and destroy us as a people! We have the power to fight satan and through love, prayer and caring for one another! GET RIGHT CHURCH AND LET’S GO HOME!

  4. To the Family
    You have my deepest sympathy for your loss. May God provide you with comfort during this grievous time. Be assured that he promises a better future, John 5:28,29.

  5. This is just so horribly sad. I can’t understand how it came down to this.. a baby is a blessing from God and not a reason to commit suicide. Where were the parents? Why didn’t these poor children have a support system? OMG how did it ever come to this? Three beautiful souls lost… and lost for what?!? My heart hurts just thinking of this.

    1. You sound so racist’ “Poot people” That’s what the Master called black folks during slavery “Poor People”

  6. First of all he is not 17 he is 20 get it right I hate seeing big titles make posts about teen just to boost yall name. Before yall post something get to know the whole thing.?-Cincinnati, Ohio

  7. I so hurts for these two ppl of the world I love you too even though I didn’t know you’ll could have. Talk to me any time my eyes are tears an my heart is hurt blesses be. To God amen

  8. it was ovious we lots two great souls that could have represent us for great America and d world at large. my advice are, our institutions will do more help by educating our children d values of life. This generation lacks values and reality according to d word of God. God’s word says ‘TRAIN UP YOUR CHILD THE WAY HE SHOULD GROW SO THAT WHEN HE BECAME AN ADULT HE WILL NOT DEPART FROM IT’. Today, how many of our parents brought up our children d way of the lord?. If a child do hear the word of God daily, I think no amount of disappointment will lead you to such hilarious crime. it so painful we reportedly conide with this devilish act. Our institutions such as churches, schools, youths group ,union and all rural and urban union should be helpful as well so as to eradicate this demonic implants to our generation. Am also here by discourage so called western civilization, parents of today don’t have full control of their kids in the name of civilization. If I may take you to Africa where we have more powerty and less privileges yet because of our institutions and parental hard up bringing. we have less suicidal. RIP OUR BELOVED BROTHER AND SISTER. MAY GOD IN HIS INFINITE MERCY FORGIVE YOU AND GRANT BOTH ETERNITY AMEN.

  9. I strongly believe that these two young persons lives could have been saved if they truly had the support they needed. Families are like they use to be and these are the results of that. These days God bless the one and two families that stands together. As a mother myself i find this extremely sad at the situation around the death of these two and wish they have seek other options. its hard to pin point a solution when you are not in that situation but to the people who drove them to this point may you be able to sleep good at night because all they need was love that much if nothing else they had it between them and you all rob them of that.
    R.I.P both…..

  10. Bro that so sad when I heard about it me and my sister were crying because the couple seemed so happy I don’t know what happened those days but I. Just want to say R.I.P both of y’all hope u guys are very happy I’m going to kill myself right now I have a horrible life right now I love my families good bye

  11. And Mercedes was my god damn sister bro that’s why I’m killing myself I’m coming to see u sister I’m comin right now I hope you will be happy to see me bye i love all of my cousins ma I love u

    1. Hi, Oblock, don’t try it, you are far more importan than you know. Mercedes wouldn’t want that for you. And you don’t know how much grief it would cause your family. God loves you more than you can ever imagine and He has a plan for your life. Trust Him.

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