18 Year Old Obdulia Sanchez Has Been Charged With Manslaughter After She Killed Sister, Jacqueline Sanchez, In Car Crash While Livestreaming On IG

Obdulia Sanchez, a California teenager who recently graduated from high school, is accused of live streaming her sister’s death on Instagram during a car crash police say she caused.

You can watch the video below, but be aware that it’s quite graphic and disturbing.

Sanchez’ sister, Jacquelin Sanchez Estrada, 14, died in the deadly crash. Obdulia, 18, was behind the wheel, police say. Another teenager in the car, Manuela Seja, also 14 who happens to be Jacqueline’s girlfriend also suffered a non life-threatening injury during the crash, which occurred in Los Banos, California on July 21

Obdulia Sanchez was arraigned on July 26 on charges that could send her to prison for 13 years. According to ABC30, she pleaded not guilty to charges of “gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, an alternative count of gross vehicular manslaughter.

The things social media causes, 8ts really getting out of hand. May the family receive all the peace and support they can get, as they have just lost two daughters to this freak accident

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