Fashion, Style, Beauty And Randomness

Hi there, so this will be the first post ever on, a site that is dedicated to fashion, style, beauty and randomness.


I am sure you are wondering why the name OneRandomChick, does it mean the beautiful lady behind this blog is random or something like that???

Well, no! 🙂

I am far from random, trust me.

I went with OneRandomChick, just because… I think of random things at random times, yeah, that simple. And I needed a place to air out all the random stuffs on my mind, hence

Though random thoughts might overtake my mind sometimes, I also dwell a lot on fashion, style, and of course makeup ( would definitely be posting pictures and videos tutorials over time)

But of course, my fashion and style might not be up to par YET, I still intend to bore you with them regardless and also bring you the latest fashion gist in town to pacify you. My beautiful mum will sometimes feature on this blog from time to time and she is definitely one hell of a writer and a great fashion critic ( me too, I got it from my momma 🙂 )

Oh yeah… before I round up, I would love to tell you about my Lord Jesus, this blog would be about Him too, #BecauseJesusBabyGirl #BecauseSavedChild #HeLovedMeBeforeIFirstLovedHim #BecauseILoveHim

You can always tell me how boring I am below, I really really really do not mind.

Cheers and Kisses!


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