A Little Tatafo! Instagram Lady Puts A Married Man On The Spot

Pardon my awayness for the pass 2 days, I come with fresh tatafo 😀

An Instagram lady called Barbie_Davina decided to put up her bae’s picture on Instagram without knowing that bae had another bae, or that infact bae was married with two kids.

Its seems Mr Bae, Ifeabunike Nwolisa, had been decieving Barbie_Davina all along about his marital status and when she found out, decided to put him on the spot by putting it out for everyone to see. Now Mr Bae is in a tight spot, begging her to put down the pictures, but she wont budge.

Is this the end of Mr Bae’s marriage because Nigerian No 1 blogger, Linda Ikeji has carried it already. I think it serves the man right though, you cheat, you pay, you don’t get away with it.

See pictures below

Trust Nigerians to go in on the issue

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