ORC Beauty: 3 MakeUp Tips For The Glasses-Wearing Beauty Lovers

Doing your make-up every day, for those of us who wear eyeglasses, can be a bit of a challenge. For someone like me, any mirror in the house is basically too far frommy face to be of any use, and hiding the shadows under our eyes always seems like an herculean task. Most times, I always end up having a sleepy look, lol. Thank God for contact lens.

Thankfully, we can still use a few helpful tricks. Here are some tips:

black girls in glasses makeup

  1. Focus on your skin: Taking care of it to perfection is everything: focus on your make up base, and pick something that will brighten your skin. Also make sure you choose the appropriate powder, go for a luminous hue that doesn’t make you look washed out. This will make your glasses into a beautiful accessory, not some kind of punishment! A light, peach-toned concealer will take care of the darkness under your eyes, as well as they grey-ish shadows that can be caused by the lenses on some specs.
  2. Eyeliner is your best friend: Trust me on this, even if it seems odd! The thicker the frame of your glasses, the thicker the line on your eyes should be. This will play with perspective in a way that will flatter and enhance your look. In order to stop your lashes from touching the lenses, just use an eyelash curler, so you can be free to use as much mascara as you like.
  3. Save bright colors for the lips: That is my favorite look for glasses wearers. If you keep your eye make up relatively neutral, you will be able to be bold and play with nuances on your lips. Make sure you choose a shade that complements the color of your frame. If you are not feeling so bold after all, go for a more subdued nuance, but choose a glossier lipstick: this will flatter your lips, and balance the look of your face overall.

Me, rocking my huge ‘nerdish’ glasses and makeup

libs of orc glasses wearing makeup lovers
Me :*

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