Piers Morgan Bashes Kim Kardashian, After She Shares Topless Pic With Model, Emily Ratajkowski

Who would ever have believed that Piers Morgan, who was always a staunch supporter of Kim Kardashian, a powerful voltron, would one day turn around to bash her. I think its for a good cause though, because it seems that Kim Kardashian is on the rampage. She wants the spotlight to go back to where it used to be, her body. Maybe its the fact that her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, is slowly but steadily stealing her fan base or something, I don’t know

Last night, Kim Kardashian and model Emily, tweeted a photo of both of them topless, and Piers Morgan who attacked her for last nude selfie, decided to react to the NSFW selfie again.

He tweeted several things to the ladies and ended his series of tweets with “RIP Feminism”.

See his tweets below.

Oh well!

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