ORC Style: 7 Times Stella Uzo Of J’Adore Fashion Wowed Us With Her Style

Stella Uzo of J’adore Fashion Is one fashionista that keeps me glued to Instagram [apart from Joro Oluomofin’s page, lol]. She has an impeccable style and you would just wish to steal all her clothes via your phone screen. Her style is flirty, fun and on the boho-edge.

One thing about Stella is that she stays true to her style and fashion even as a wife and mum [you know the way IG police likes to correct mothers on their dress sense], although she is very aware of the fact that she is a representative of mums, she does not let it rain on her parade because she finds a way to strike the balance.

Check out 7 of my fave looks from her page

stella-uzo-of-jadore-fashion-1 stella-uzo-of-jadore-fashion-2 stella-uzo-of-jadore-fashion-3 stella-uzo-of-jadore-fashion-4 stella-uzo-of-jadore-fashion-5 stella-uzo-of-jadore-fashion-6 stella-uzo-of-jadore-fashion-8

Images: @jadorefashion

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