Re: “He Didn’t Defraud Anybody of N660,000” … Olatunji Rafiu’s Friend Tell His Side Of The Story

So this morning, I got a call from Olatunji Rafiu and Sucre’s mutual friend to explain Olatunji’s part of the story. Read the first part here

The friend made me understand that Olatunji Rafiu didn’t abscond as Sucre Belleza Sucre made it appear on Facebook, but that he genuinely was going to get the Camera and was also defrauded of the N660,000 along the line. He has been trying to pay back the money in installments, but she didn’t agree to the payment terms and that is how the initial N140,000 he paid was left with their mutual friend.


Right now, they have reached an agreement of repaying over two months with a mutual friend, Muritala Mohammed, standing in for Olatunji Rafiu, while Sucre has pulled down her initial post.

And it’s Payforte Inc not Payporte, the online shopping mall.

Here is to wishing everything goes as said without any more social media embarrassment from anyone.

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