This is one of the dilemma of a close family friend. I’ll name her Mrs. A.


Mrs. A  complained to me about the happenings in her marriage. She claimed she’s suffering both emotionally and financially in her home. Her husband hindered her from fulfilling her career dreams 6 months into their marriage. She worked as a financial officer in a respectable financial company prior to his decision.  He wanted her to be a stay at home mum.She objected to this at first despite her hubby’s pleas but he kept insisting that his salary was more than enough to foot the bills required in their home. Well he was right owing to the fact that he works at a prominent oil company. His major reason for this decision was that he his wife to nurture and train their kids effectively.

She finally accepted to his pleas. At first things went well. He gave her monthly stipends for her personal needs asides from the stipends meant for the home. This went on for just a year. After then, he stopped. He didn’t give her a dime expect stipends for the kitchen and kids. He even stopped fueling her car.  He knows quite alright that she’ll solely depend on him for all her needs, down to stipends for her hairdo and toiletries. She started looking unattractive because she didn’t have the means to take care of herself. He stopped taking her out on dates, stopped complimenting her looks, acted uninterested in the bedroom duties.

When she noticed all this changes, she had an heart to heart talk with him, telling him to please not neglect her. He agreed. But guess what? he didn’t change.

So she decided to get busy. She applied for a job and got the offer.  She told her hubby about it and he acted indifferent. Here’s the problem. He started accusing her of adultery. He claimed she sleeps with her bosses and other clients. He uses this as an excuse to treat her coldly, sleeping out, ignoring her meals.

Here’s her dilemma. She’s torn between quitting her job jut to please her husband. She desperately wants to proof to him that she’s faithful towards him. But then She’s reluctant because of her previous experience of being neglected financially .

I told her point blank not to quit her job but then, what do i know?

Guys what do you think? Should she quit her job in order to please her hubby and then risk being neglected or should she keep working and face the wrath of being tagged an adulteress.

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  1. she shouldn’t dare quit her job. African men have a way of downgrading their wives and trying to make them overly dependent on them. Except he is not happy with her progress, I would advice she report his ass to sme1 he Is accountable to

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