American University Investigating A Racist Incident Involving Bananas Hanging From Nooses Around Campus 

Students at American University were shocked when they saw bananas, with racist messages written on them, you hanging around campus with nooses… 

American University president Dr. Neil Kerwin has called this a “crude and racially insensitive act of bigotry.”

“Racially act of bigotry are done to instill fear and inflict pain in our community especially at stressful times at the end the term,” University President Neil kerwin said in a statement on Monday night.
“I regret this happened, apologize to everyone offended, and state emphatically that this incident does not reflect what American University truly is.”

According to NBC news, the racist bananas mysteriously pooped on the same day that Student Government Association president Taylor Dumpson, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, started her first day on the job. 

“As the first Black woman AUSG president, I implore all of us to unite in solidarity with those impacted by this situation and we must remember that ‘if there is no struggle, there is no progress,’-Frederick Douglass.” 

Dumpson said…

“We must use this time to reflect on what we value as a community and we must show those in the community that bigotry, hate and racism cannot and will not be tolerated.”

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