Biracial Winner Of Miss Black University Of Texas Sparks Colorism Debate

Hot debate on twitter. 

Rachael Malinda was crowned Miss Black of the University of Texas this past Sunday but she’s been critizied for not being “Black enough.”

Malonson says she was excited at first about the win and claims she almost didn’t submit to the competition because of her mixed race. 

“It was definitely a huge honor to win. As a biracial woman, I didnt even think I was able to place,” she told Fox News.

Unfortunately for Rachel her worse fear about her race would become the talk of the school after her pergentary victory. Even though Rachel’s father is African American, many still didn’t feel as though it was fair that she won the award since she’s only half Black. 

Social media critics trolled and claimed that she’s too “light-skinned” and not “Black enough.”


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