Police Officer Who Shot 15-Year-Old Jordan Edwards Was Fired On Tuesday But His Family Insists He’s A Family Man, Suffering From PTSD 

According to CNN, police said to reporters that the officer, Roy Oliver, “violated several departmental policies.” Police Chief Jonathan Harber said he made the decision to terminate Oliver after “reviewing the findings of an Internal Investigation.”

The officer now has 10 days to appeal his termination. 

Harber said, “The past 67 hours have been challenging for us all. My heartfelt condolences to the parents of Jordan Edwards, and we support them in their time of need.”

Prior to his termination, Oliver was placed on administrative leave but had not been charged or arrested for the shooting. 

Oliver being fired comes the day after the Police Chief admitted that he “misspoke,” on the incident after body camera footage showed the car Edwards was riding in was actually moving away from officers and not reversing towards him. 

Jordan Edwards family released a statement which said:

 The family of the officer has since come to his defense, claiming that he is the ‘perfect father figure’ who may have been suffering from PTSD when he opened fire. 

So now, this has yet become another story of a white “lone wolf” individual who’s committed crime because of mental health issues. 

Oliver just like many other white individuals accused of violent crimes, gets to escape the “wide brush” of inherent criminality that’s always associated with African American and other minorities as a whole. 

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