Domestic Violence: Orighose Best O Stabs His Fiance ‘Bolatito Ojuola’ To Death  

The incident occurred at The Federal University of Technology Minna, Niger State. Bolatito Ojuola was a postgraduate student in the school.

She was stabbed by her fiance Orighose Best who was a worker in a company owned by the victim’s father in Ondo State when the duo started their romantic affair.

The incident which happened on Monday ensued from an argument after the victim prepared dinner and her fiance-Origboshe refused to eat on the claims that the food was too hot. In the course of the argument, a witness said the Origbose beat up the deceased. 

The deceased rushed to the kitchen and emerged with a knife which she used in injuring her fiance. 

The deceased’s fiance alledgly went to a near-by store to purchase a brand-new knife and used it in stabbing the victim’s breast and stomach. 

A professor in the institution heard there cries and rushed the victim and her fiance to the hospital where she was confirmed dead. 

Origboshe was escorted to the hospital by some police men but he was later released due to the rowdiness of the students who had gathered at the hospital.

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