4-Year-Old Garrion Glover Shot Himself After Finding A Gun Recklessly Laying About In His Home 

4-year-old Garrion Glover Jr, of East Chicago, Indiana shot and killed himself early Thursday, May 11, 2017 after finding a gun in his home.

He was just days away from celebrating his fifth birthday but he never made it.

Police have not yet said if the shooting was accidental or self-inflicted. 

“They were asleep and he got hold of a gun and he shot himself, fatally shot himself,” said LaToya Glover, Garrion’s grandmother.

His mother told her she had a loud boom overnight.

Police said the mother stated she had been asleep in her bedroom with her boyfriend when they heard the noise. She found her son lying on the floor in the living room, near the couch where Garrion’s uncle had been sleeping, bleeding….. 

“She just woke up, she heard the loud noise, she ran, turned on a light and if she hadn’t have moved him she would never have known because she thought he was asleep,” 

Garrion’s grandmother, said. 

“They got up and and they ran. It looked like he was asleep. So they’re looking, but when they moved him, it was a whole different scenario.”

LaToya and other family members said her grandson’s tragic death could have been prevented.

“I was angry because first and foremost, if there’s a handgun on the premises, it should be put away.”

Kenny Trout, Garrion’s cousin said:

“To him – it was probably a toy to him. That’s what he probably thought it was. It should have been locked away and put on a shelf somewhere where he couldn’t reach it.”

Police recovered the gun and are running the serial number to see who it is registered to. 

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