Two Cousins-'Xolisa and Athabile Mafilika' Have Been Arraigned For Raping And Killing A 19-Year-Old Sinoxolo Mafevuka In South Africa

Two cousins accused of the rape and murder of 19-year-old South African girl Sinoxolo Mafevuka, became the centre of attention on Monday as they were arraigned in court on Monday. Xolisa and Athabile Mafilika are on trial at the Western Cape High Court.
This comes after the Western Cape High Court delegation conducted an inspection in loco at the place where the naked body of the 19-year-old girl was found.
Sinoxolo was found in a communal toilet a few hundred metres from her home at SST section in Khayelitsha on 2 March last year.
The cousins, Xolisa and Athabile Mafilika, who are pleading not guilty to all charges against them, were heavily guarded by a number of policemen, while their hands and legs were heavily cuffed in chains.
Acting Judge Taswell Papier led the delegation after the pair’s defence advocate, Shaid Bruinders, told the court that an inspection was needed to get a clearer picture of the area.
Constable Nomampondomise Gobodo – who was first to arrive at the crime scene – pointed out that many things had changed at the murder scene. “The toilets are no longer here. On top of this, there was water and a little bit of grass at the time but now there is gravel.” Gobodo was attempting to paint a picture of the place at the time of the murder to the defence and the judge.
Court officials also visited the homes of the accused, as well as that of the victim.
The court learnt that one of the key witnesses lives just 9,1m away from where one of the accused used to sleep.
His place was destroyed by angry residents.

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