69-Year-Old Married Man Dies Of Heart Attack While Madturbating Live On LGBT Site 

A 69-year-old man died of a heart attack while self servicing live on camera on a popular LGBT website. The man who is married to a woman and lives in Eastern Pennsylvania was livestreaming his self service to an LGBT audience when he began feeling chest pains and fell unconscious.
At about 9:45 minutes into the video his wife found him dead in the chair. When paramedics tried to save him, it was too late.
The man, who goes by Bill on his profile on the dating site, revealed on his profile page that he is interested in men aged 20 to 75. He said he loves sucking on people, loves to cam unclad for loves sucking on people, loves to cam unclad for and with guys, loves car s*x, loves unclad men, sucking cocks and swallows.


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