18-Year Old LeDajrick Cox Shot And Killed While Celebrating His Graduation

A teenager in Dallas was out celebrating his graduation when he was shot and killed after defending a female friend who was being harassed by a group of men.
According to NYDN, 18-year-old LeDajrick Cox graduated from Carter High School. After the ceremony, he and a group of friends, three guys and one girl, went out for what they thought would be a fun time.
Cox and his friends made a stop at 7-Eleven around 1:45 am where a group of men started cat-calling his female friend.

Fox stepped in and tried to diffuse the situation, but things went left and an argument ensued.

He and his friends decided to leave, and as they were driving away the group of men began to follow them and opened fire on the vehicle.
Cox was hit in the head and his side, and died from his injuries at Parkland Hospital. The other two males in the car were also struck but their injuries weren’t life threatening.

“He just wanted to do the right thing, wanted to achieve, just tried so hard,” his father Reginald Henry told Fox. “You know, he was my only son. That was it. … It’s just over. It feels like a part of me is just hurt.”

Cox was voted most popular at his school and was set to play college football. Police are still looking for the the group of men.

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