Evelyn Lozada Says THIS Is Why Brandi & Malaysia Are Really Back As Basketball Wives Plus Ones

Lozada Shuts Down Brandi Maxiell’s Claims About Being Begged To Rejoin Basketball Wives

Brandi Maxiell attempted to air out the OG cast of Basketball Wives this week for treating her and Malaysia as ‘plus ones’ on the show but Evelyn says not so fast. She gives an explanation as to why the two besties are being straight up dissed by the older lady #BBWLA gang. Evelyn says it has nothing to do with Brandi’s reasoning.
Yesterday we posted a series of Brandi’s tweets where she said production asked her and Malaysia to come back because Shaunie, Tami, Evelyn and Jackie were dry as hell on camera. Brandi explained that the producers could barely squeeze out a decent episode from the lethargic bunch.
Evelyn has since responded to Brandi’s claim. Hit the flip to see what she says REALLY happened to allow Brandi and Malaysia back on set. According to Evelyn.
Lies! They brought them back in when the Metoyer sisters didn’t work out. #Facts https://t.co/2Vw3TWJa0R
— Evelyn Lozada (@EvelynLozada) June 13, 2017
Ev says it wasn’t because she, Tami and Shaunie stunk up the screen! It was all on the Metoyer sisters. As far as the girls trying to diss them by calling her older…
“LOL! I’m 4 years older than her. She’s not that far behind. 🤔🤣 https://t.co/rPuKXxh5bG
— Evelyn Lozada (@EvelynLozada) June 14, 2017”

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