Blac Chyna Says Rob Kardashian Didn't Not Only Cyberbullied Her.. He Brutalized Her 

Reports shows that , women’s rights lawyer Lisa Bloom will appear in court Monday for a restraining order against Rob, claiming he crossed the line by posting nude pics of her, medical information and other personal information.
Chyna says in her declaration, this past April Rob was mad at her and began speaking poorly of her in front of her son, King. When she asked him to stop she says Rob screamed, “I can say whatever the f*** I want!” and then grabbed her phone, pushed her to the ground, “aggressively shoving me by the side of my arm and hitting me on the thigh.”
She says she fell to the ground and when she got up she was bruised and could barely walk.
Chyna also says she has been fully broken up with Rob since last December, adding, “Rob has been violent with me in the past and I am afraid to be around him.”
She says posting personal information to Rob’s 9 million followers is textbook cyberbullying, and wants a judge to stop him immediately. Chyna calls it slut shaming.
She wants the judge to keep Rob 100 yards clear of her. She also wants the right to record communications she has with Rob that might violate the order.

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