Frederick Nolan Sorrell Accused Of Harassing A Black Muslim Couple, Break Down In Tears After Charged With Hate Crime

A man arrested last week for harassing a Black Muslim started crying in court while expressing his regret.
According to reports, 49-year-old Frederick Nolan Sorrell was accused of second-degree intimidation after an Oregon Muslim couple accused him of using racial slurs and intimidation on May 29th.
Sorrell reportedly drove next to the couple for more than 20 blocks, attempted to hit their car, mimicked firing a gun and shouted “take off the (expletive) burka, this is America, go back to your (expletive) country.”
He pled not guilty in court this week and claimed he was just waving his hand and pointing his finger — not making a gun gesture.
“I never tried to run into them. I was just going to work. I never tried to follow them. I never tried to make contact with them after the fact,” he said in tears outside the courtroom.
He’s also known for making discriminatory comments on Facebook so the judge banned him from the social network until his next court date in August.

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