Sherri Shepherd Named Host for Wendy Williams Show

Sherri Shepherd has been named the permanent host of “The Wendy Williams Show”. She is replacing 57-year-old Wendy, who hasn’t worked since July 2021 due to reports that she is suffering from dementia.

Report has it that Wendy Williams doesn’t recognize close friends, although she still recognizes her only child, Kevin Hunter Jr.

According to TMZ the Fox Station Group  which carries the show on its local stations is in agreement with the move. Sherri will assume the purple chair start of September, 2022.

Wendy Williams had signed off at the end of season 13, telling her fans she’d see them for season 14. However, the start of the new season was delayed because Wendy had to  recover from COVID in a New York hospital.

That period, a succession of guest hosts like Bill Bellamy and Leah Remini substituted for Wendy.

Last year, there was an announcement that Wendy Williams may never return because she’s suffering from dementia. This report was confirmed by Wells Fargo when the bank froze Wendy’s account  containing “several million dollars”.

Wells Fargo had  justified it’s action by claiming Wendy signed an agreement allowing her accounts to be frozen pending a court order, if the bank suspects “financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence.”

Although an attorney representing Wendy is asking the court for an emergency order forcing Wells Fargo to unfreeze her accounts.

Guys what do you think about this? Do you think Wendy should be given a chance? Share your thoughts with me.

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