Kristy Barr Jailed After Lying About Domestic Violence

24-year-old Kristy Barr, a Lincolnshire woman, who reported her ex-partner, Ryan Kerrison, for series of assaults and domestic abuse has been sentenced to three years and nine months for lying against her ex and perverting the course of justice

Kristy Barr. Credit: The Lincolnite

Kirsty Barr, had always reported her ex, Ryan Kerrison, to anyone who would listen, telling tales about his alleged violent nature and even lied that he threatened her with a gun and cut her with a knife. Getting the police department to deploy a full police response to her place.

Since 2018, Kristy Barr had reported Kerrison for different assaults, including throwing stones at her place, harassing her with messages, and the one that brought the whole police department, was threatening her with a gun.

However, after Ryan Kerrison was arrested and checked out, it was found that he didn’t commit any of the crime he was reported for. Sadly, he had already spent 2 months in remand, for a breach of restraining order. It has been 4 years of hell for Ryan, having to deal with court cases, just because his ex was bent on using the system to punish him.

Hopefully he gets some closure with this sentencing. Really sad, how Kristy Barr used resources that should have gone to women actually facing domestic violence.

I literally think Kristy should get more time in jail, what do you guys think?

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