27 Year Old Dejuan Guillory Killed By Police Officers While Lying On the Ground… Dequince Brown Released On Bail

Dejuan Guillory, 27, of Mamou, Louisiana was shot and killed by a police officer on July 6, 2017.
Police say Dejuan, a father of two, and his girlfriend Dequince Brown, 21, were riding an ATV and were pulled over by a deputy responding to a reported burglary of an ATV in the area.
The following is a timeline of events as told by State Police:
* The Deputy made contact with the driver of the ATV, Dejuan and his passenger Dequince about 4:10 am.
* The Deputy asked them for legal identification, which neither possessed.
* During this initial interaction, Dejuan struck the Deputy in the head, knocking him to the ground, dazing him with a possible loss of consciousness.
* The Deputy was able to rise to his feet, draw his firearm and gave verbal commands for Dejuan to lie on the ground.
* Dejuan laid down on his stomach and the Deputy attempted to handcuff him.
* During handcuffing, a struggle ensued.
* Dequince approached the Deputy from behind and began to choke and bite him.
* During the struggle with Dejuan and Dequince, the Deputy shot Guillory with his duty weapon.
Dequince’s recollection of the events is as follows: Dejuan was on the ground as directed. His hands were behind his back. He was not resisting. All of a sudden a shot rang out. And Dequince knew Dejuan had been shot. She then jumped on the officers’ back to stop him from killing Dejuan. Her lawyer said she bit the officer but did not choke him.
State Police are reviewing the camera on the deputy’s vehicle. Officials said evidence from the crime scene indicates that a handcuff was only applied to Dejuan’s right arm. The handcuff was significantly damaged and had to be cut off post autopsy.
His cousin said while Dejuan had been in trouble with the law in the past, he had since turned his life around. In 2015, he was arrested and accused of using a backhoe to steal an ATM from a bank, and of shooting at the responding officer. He was given a 10-yr suspended sentence.
His children and family are grieving his loss and we extend our sympathies to them. We hope a thorough investigation is conducted.ory

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