40 Year Old ‘Kanya Devi’ Accused Of  Being  A Witch, Was Stripped Naked And Blinded With Burning Coal Before Shes Beaten To Death By Her Own Family In Indian 

An Indian woman accused of being a witch met her horrifying end after her own family “stripped her naked and blinded her with burning embers before beating her to death.
The shocking incident happened in the village of Kadera, Rajasthan, northern India.
The terrible attack on the woman named as 40-year-old Kanya Devi who was accused of being involved in an ungodly act was allegedly carried out by two of her relatives and a neighbour, who believed they were trying to rid her of any magic spirit.
According to reports, several members of the family have been arrested for the horrific murder of the woman and they are accused of forcing her to eat faeces and brutally beating her before sticking burning embers in her eyes, leading to her blindness.
Kanya who sustained several injuries died the following day.
The matter came to light when Mahadev Regar, a relative of the deceased and another local activist, went to her funeral and he was outraged after learning how she died and immediately they called the police.
Confirming the incident, a police spokesman said: “On August 8, Mahadev lodged a complaint but we were waiting for a complaint by a close relative.
“After her 23-year-old daughter Maya Devi submitted a complaint, we lodged a FIR on Sunday.”
The spokesperson said they arrested those involved on suspicion of murder, causing the disappearance of evidence, two charges of witch hunting and causing the unnatural death of a woman
Sharing more light on the incident, Police Superintendent Rajendra Singh, said: “She was badly tortured. The accused have admitted to forcing her to eat faeces, lashing and burning her.

“Five of the six accused, booked for murder and under relevant sections of the Rajasthan Prevention of Witch Hunting Act, have been arrested.”
According to him, the accused have been named by officers and they include Kanya’s niece Pinky, her nephew Mahaveer and neighbour Sonia.
Kanya’s husband recently passed away and since her son is a minor it was reported that her husband’s relatives reportedly conspired to get rid of her and grab her land.
The case is still on.

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