50 Cent Fat-Shames Trolls After Epic SB Halftime

50 Cent hits back at fat-shaming trolls after epic Super Bowl halftime performance.

On Sunday at the Super Bowl, 50 Cent’s appearance was mocked by some viewers, but the rapper isn’t bothered by the comments as he was ready for the show.

50 Cent came in prepared for criticism for his appearance after surprising Super Bowl viewers in the epic halftime show on Sunday.

The 46 year old hot rapper, wasn’t expected to be part of the show but joined Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J Blige and Kendrick Lamar in treating the fans to a brilliant performance.

After his entrance and performance of his huge hit In Da Club’s video, some of his fans took to their social media with what we call “not too good” words.

There was a few trolls at his physique with the star looking to have gained a bit of weight. 50 Cent wasn’t prepared to let the words get to him there by laughing off those who were mocking him.

Sharing a post on Instagram of him alongside Eminem from the night, he wrote: “I call this teasing me, they’re just teasing me because they know I can drop the weight. that’s why I laugh with them. Fat shaming only applies when your [sic] ashamed of your fat. LOL”.

His words gained him a lot of appreciation in the comments, with one fan saying: “My mans not even fat lol.” Another agreed and commented: “Yeah you tell em 50! No insecurity around here.” And a third said: “Haters mad cause he had a choke hold on the industry for 15 + years & still going strong with his t.v. shows straight power.”

Smart 50 Cent went on to use the added publicity to try to push his merchandise to his followers. The musician’s appearance at the huge sporting event’s eagerly anticipated halftime show won rave reviews and the show was branded the “best ever” by Piers Morgan.

50 Cent’s reaction to these trolls is a proof that he care less what people say about him.

I think it’s a good attitude, what do you think?

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