50 Cent & His First Son ‘Marquise Jackson’ At It Again: Son Comes At Dad For Shading His Mom Over Child Support

50 Cent and his first baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins rocky relationship has affected his relationship with his very first son, Marquise Jackson, such that the father and son go at each other publicly from time to time.

Today, 50 Cent, who will soon stop paying child support to Marquise’s mother, took to Instagram to gloat about it in a very petty way. He revealed that he’s hosting a party on Friday 13th to celebrate what he called his “child support release” and said invitation is open to women who do not have kids and women who did not collect child support.

His son obviously did not find this funny and he fired back in the comment and called out 50 Cent’s TV show.

Recall that 50 Cent publicly disowned Marquise in September this year after the young boy released his first rap song in which he dissed his father. From the look of things, their relationship isn’t about to improve anytime soon.

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