50 Cent Slammed It On Wendy Williams Face: ‘You Ugly Motherf**ker’

Rapper, 50 Cent clapped back at Wendy Williams after she told him to “get a life” when he announced that he would be throwing a “child support release party” now that his son is 21.

“Wendy williams just told me to get my life together, smh your husband is not a bad man. he deserve a side chick for talking to you, you ugly motherf—er. Focus on your own sh– b—h. Oh yeah we in club LUST tonight your [sic] invited. LOL,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram alongside the now infamous picture of Williams on the beach in a bikini.

That picture was the subject of controversy after Williams was body-shamed for the bikini body look.

“Yeah b—h, you f—ing around in the wrong section,” he added on another post, this time with a side-by-side picture of Williams and Ron Perlman’s “Beauty and the Beast” character from 1987. “”Every time you call me, I’m a show up [sic],” he continued.

The comments came after Williams trashed 50 Cent on her show for his deteriorating relationship with his son, Marquise. In addition to the strained relationship between the two men, 50 Cent has not gotten along with Marquise’s mother, and Marquise even recently released a diss track about his father.

“He is Petty Spaghetti,” Williams said on her show. “He’s got real petty ways about him. I don’t really understand it because he’s got enough money to take care and support and whatnot.”

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