50 Shades Of Grey: Quite Overrated, Disappointing & Lots Of ‘Lobo’ Scenes

Finally got round to watching 50 Shades of Grey last  night, because it seemed I was the only one left who hasn’t seen the movie which came out last Valentine period. Anytime I wanted to watch, something just kept coming up till last night, 7th January 2016, I decided to procrastinate no more.


So I watched it…

And I was disappointed… can’t believe I actually longed to watch this movie for 11 months, and all I saw were two successful adults acting like ‘Lobo’ on my laptop screen.

Why does Anastasia have to be so slow?

Why is Christian Grey trying so hard to be hot and mysterious?

Why did Anastasia have to act foolish and unassuming because she is a virgin?

Why was her virginity a situation that Christian Grey had to help her with?

Why did she have to make so much noise when he touched her, and why does she have to close her eyes, like she is in heaven on their second date?

Why did he have to slap her already flat ass so hard to get high, with his face still looking ‘Lobo’?

Why were they acting like ‘Lobo’ once again?

50 shades of grey christian grey anastasia steele darker bondage onerandomchick
The ‘Lobo’ kind of look


And saying this, people would be like, I am so close minded, but who gets high, spanking people’s ass?

That must have been so painful, if I were Anastasia, I would have given CG a very terrible ‘uppercut’.

The only part that got me tripping was when he came to pick her up with the helicopter, that was freaking romantic, and oh the songs, especially One Last Night by Vaults.

I got on my BBM after the movie and decided to put it on my PM that I finally succeeded in watching the famous movie, and the following chat happened between I and a friend.

Screenshot_2016-01-08-00-03-25[1] Screenshot_2016-01-08-14-01-10[1] Screenshot_2016-01-08-14-01-32[1]

What do you guys truly think about this movie?

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5 thoughts on “50 Shades Of Grey: Quite Overrated, Disappointing & Lots Of ‘Lobo’ Scenes

  1. Your post makes me giggle to myself.

    About the ‘ass smacking ‘ matter, are you for real? Did u just question the pleasure derived from that for both parties?

    I know a lot of women enjoy that, when in the act. Some women won’t know if it’s pleasurable until they experience it.

    BTW.. ur style of writing is engaging. And I love ur theme.
    From a random reader.

  2. Uppercut? Isn’t dat overboard…lol.
    Nice article…you watched keeping eye on the details.
    On the ass spanking, stats show women increasingly find it pleasurable when a significant amount of pressure is applied on d butt….key thing is communication before spanking to avoid the uppercut of course.

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