8 Years Florida Girl ‘Ki’ari Pope’ Dies 6 Months After Her Cousin Dared Her To Drink Boiling Water Through A Straw 

A little girl in Florida has died months after she was injured from drinking boiling water through a straw. Ki’ari Pope, eight, of Boyton Beach, complained to her mother’s boyfriend that she couldn’t breath on Sunday night. 
Minutes later she was unresponsive. Pope was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead at 12.15am. Pope’s mother, Marquisia Bonner, says the little girl was dared to drink the boiling water by her cousin in March.
Ki’ari received a tracheotomy that left her deaf and with chronic respiratory problems, according to the Palm Beach Post. Florida Department of Children and Families records called her ‘medically compromised.’ 
State authorities investigated that March incident and at least nine other allegations of either abuse or neglect involving the girl since her birth.

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