Taraji P. Henson And Nia Long Have Big Beef On ‘Empire’ Set

Taraji P. Henson and Nia Long couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as one another while shooting the new season of Empire.


According to “multiple production assistants” have come out to throw Nia Long under a bus for being extremely rude to the folks in hair, make-up and wardrobe. None of which Taraji allegedly took too kindly.

Things allegedly got so contentious that the women would not speak to one another and their scenes had to be shot separately.

Nia will be playing one of Lucious Lyon’s old school ex-girlfriends in the upcoming season which premieres tonight.

It is also said that regardless of what happens this season, Nia has zero chance of returning for season 4.

Nia’s rep denies every single allegation against her:

“This story is complete nonsense. Throughout her long, established career, Nia has been nothing but a consummate professional treating all members of productions with respect.”

“This is nothing but another complete fabrication about a series that has been plagued by constant rumors of drama and misconduct.”

It’s a little  heartbreaking to consider that two of the women that we’ve loved for so long (no pun intended) could hate each other. While we doubt either woman would publicly slander the other, we got questions that need answering.

What do you think? Is this a bunch of Cooked up story or do you think it could be true?

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