A Few Confirmed Dead As Riot Ensures Between Yoruba’s And Hausas In Osun State


The clash reportedly started when a bus used his side mirror to hit an Hausa woman at sabo last night. The Hausa men at Sabo market got angry and injured the driver with cutlass. By this morning, the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) boys retaliated and right now about five people are said to have been killed and others injured in the ongoing fight.


Gunshots were fired while some shops were set ablaze and residents have deserted both Sabo and Lagere, Ile-Ife, in a bid to escape the clash. Police and army personnel have been discharged to the area.

Below is an anonymous report about the riot.

”Right now in the middle of the Yoruba Hausa crisis in Ife, if you are on campus don’t board a bus with any Hausa man or move near Sabo, we have witnessed 7persons killed. please be careful. Yoruba’s are killing Hausa and Hausa retaliating.

I am reporting live from Sabo area, all students beware, please, if possible stay in your room, please for your parent sake.
That was sent to my class page few minutes ago and students living around sabo area confirmed this..”

I hope peace is restored into the area soon.

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