‘All Men Do Not Cheat’ A Fan Responds To Caroline Danjuma’s Post On Instagram

Caroline Danjuma wrote a heartfelt message on her Instagram page about her marriage on Monday.

My opinion on this, all men do not cheat. There are still very faithful men out there who are committed to their relationships and marriages, who would love and respect you enough not to put you through that heartache. So do not settle, do not let it become your mindset that ‘All Men Cheat’, because once the devil has succeeded in selling that lie to you, you begin to walk and live in that lie, accepting the scraps that you see. Rise above shit! I hope Caroline Danjuma gets away from all these and become a far better person.

Anyways, one of her Instagram followers picked apart the statement and after Caroline replied her, she changed her name on Instagram and made her page private.


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