Angela Bassett is very hilarious. She has enjoyed lots of moments… but, the difference is the experience she got from a larger stage in which most of us do not have. She seem to have some funny artificial steps or moves whenever she forgets her son’s name, just as in the NAACP Awards after she got the award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for 9-1-1.

Upon receiving the award she proceeded to thank the cast and crew of her show, and also appreciated her family members for supporting her. She went ahead to mention her husband Courtney B. Vance, then muted a bit before she mentioned her son Slater, twin daughter Bronwyn, and her dog Piper. Angela Bassett made a reference of the moment in a very funny way during a virtual press conference saying.

She said; “Usually you forget your husband, right? I went brain dead for a second but yeah, you caught me!” She also said “I wanted to make sure I got everything in there. It was like six different people I want to thank real quickly in the time frame and I was doing pretty good and thought really well of myself and then I forgot my son’s name.”

Angela and her husband shares twins Slater and Bronwyn, both at 16, and they have been married since 1997. While speaking with the US Weekly, Angela spoke about her parenting measures which revolved round to fit a work ethic with her kids, saying: “You got to put the work in with them when they’re early, in the young years. When they get to 13, you don’t have no problems. At 18 months, have them making their beds and cleaning up. The covers are only so big, those little blankies.”

Angela Bassett opened up that her son loves music, and loves to write lyrics and raps. “He’s all in on that. And that’s just fine.”

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