“Are Women Ready To Go 50:50?” Toke Makinwa Is Out With Her New Vlog And Its Hilarious

OAP and Media Personality, Toke Makinwa is out with her new vlog and as usual its hilarious with some little truth in it. There was a time I used to use all my MB to watch her vlogs back to back, lol. Don’t know what happened, probably the whole drama surrounding her, with her husband, Maje Ayida.

So this week she spoke about ladies that carry feminism on their head and asked a vital question, are women ready to go 50;50 in everything? This includes paying bills, house rents, school fees and other stuffs? I personally believe everyone has their role to play in this life, let’s do what is ours and leave the other gender to do what is theirs, life will be much easier and better that way. Feminism isn’t about carrying one hatred for man inside and never seeing any good in men, I support gender equality in the workplace and other formal areas, but when it comes to do the home, lets be honest, a woman is to nurture and submit and a man is to love,protect and provide,  do your part well and let the man do his part well, everyone will be happy.

Very fun video, watch below

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