Ari Lennox Has Been Arrested In Amsterdam

American R & B singer, Ari Lennox has been arrested in Amsterdam right now. The musician just pushed out tweets alerting her followers that she has been arrested in Amsterdam for reporting a woman who racially profiled her.

Yes, doesn’t make sense, because HOW exactly do you get arrested for being the VICTIM??? What exactly is going on.

Information around the arrest are still a bit sketchy, it seems she was arrested because she took pictures of the white woman that racially profiled her, however, below are some of the tweets Ari pushed out.

Ari Lennox

Check out Twitter reactions to Ari Lennox’s arrest below

I truly hope this is not a case of racial discrimination or anything and it gets sorted fast. Some people on LipStickAlley says, they have also be treated wrongly when they travelled to Amsterdam.

More updates coming soon to the blog

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