August 15th & 16th: God’s Grace, My Birthday And A Beach Party

There are many things I take very seriously in this life and they are God, Family, Friends, Work and of course my birthday. Its once in a year right and you have to make it as special as they come, because it won’t be coming around till the next 365 days.

My special day happens to fall on August 15, so starting from 1st August 2015, I began my countdown for my birthday. Planning started that day, I launched my blog that day so I would never forget the month. I was to have the normal traditional birthday at home on August 15 and a beach party with my friends on August 16.

I could be very traditional and vain when it comes to birthdays, I stay awake and pray into my day, I always have a first caller that calls by 12:00am, my family gets to sing happy birthday fro me in the morning and all those senrenren of collecting pressies/money (My mum brought up us that way 😀 ) then to round up everything we have a birthday dinner with Le Fam and Popsie prays for me.

Cool, I know right!

So August 14th, I was on my way home, I wouldn’t miss my trad birthday for anything, even though I still had to leave for my beach party the next day. Everything went on as planned for 15th, had 3 lovely yummy cakes, got beautiful pressies, got a lovely surprise visit and other lovely things. I was over happy.

Now you know I have been planning my beach party since time immemorial, so everything was in order for the next day, food, drinks, cakes and all. My beach party was going to be the bomb, with lots of fab pictures ( A photoG was to be present). I and MO(my roomie) already had our beach wears ready, in fact MO had alternatives, we were that prepared. Everything was set!


I woke up dancing like

I was over the moon, church was a must #BecauseThanksGiving, was supposed to go for the first service alone, but church was one service that day, longer, but I didnt care, I was happy.

At a point I was totally scared of my happiness, it was too much.

While in church, my mind was divided on two things 1. Things I needed for my party i.e beach shorts, disposable cups and 2. Sermon of the day i.e being ready for Christ. God forgive me, but I was texting reminders to all my friends like “Turn Up By 3, Don’t Forget”

Rushing out immediately after thanskgiving, I greeted everybody happily and then got on a motorcycle home and in less than 2 minutes, a truck appeared from nowhere and GBAM! I was on the ground, rolling in the middle of the road.

My brain stopped processing stuffs, I stood up and started laughing hysterically and only started crying when I saw blood running from my knees and elbows.

I couldn’t believe it, this can’t be me, I was too happy for all this, It was August 16th, my beach party. Obviously, I had to resend messages of cancelled party and hospitals.

But I thank and praise God it wasn’t more than it was, that very moment, I realised how important this phrase was “By God’s Grace”. Been saying it for as long as I can remember, because of my mum, but that Sunday, that beach party day, when it was only two hours to  turn up, everything changed.

Still happy as a bird though.



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0 thoughts on “August 15th & 16th: God’s Grace, My Birthday And A Beach Party

  1. Sometimes things happen for our good without us knowing why but God knows best. Many more birthdays ahead for u

  2. When I was ready to turn up for le party only to receive a cancellation text. Berra do another party and this time pls dont enter bike. #badbelleJeffrey

    1. Apart from going to the movies with you and Mo, and pancakes and sausages in the room, no more birthday party for me again, for this year tho, hehehe

  3. For real? Aww, I have a mixed feeling for this. First off, I am happy by the fact that you are alive. That you saw and entered into a new year of your life with hope of success ahead. happy by the fact that yours isn’t like this other lady whose parent I just finished sending condolences to- she had partied up on her last birthday and even sent a thank you BC to all who graced her occasion, but RIP the next day. Am particularly happy that this accident didn’t leave you with a permanent disability that could affect negatively the rest of your life especially a reduction in the quality of life God has granted you. And I am happy you are sharing this to the faithfulness of God.

    I am however saddened by the fact that you had to experience this. The merriment that lost, the efforts wasted, the funds that went into the drains and appointment that was canceled -everything that happened to you comes to me with a realisation that a promise to yourself was dashed!

    The reality of this experience is we have only today. Tomorrow may bring a different plan. Everyday is evil, but we redeem each day by putting it in God’s hand. Live today like it’s going to very your last and and when you promise tomorrow, remember to add, ‘by the grace of God’. Happy Birthday in areas.

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