Corinne Olympios was so wasted several hours after she and DeMario Jackson hooked up, she could hardly stand.
Witnesses at the Mexican resort tell us 2 hours after her sexual encounter with DeMario … she was stumbling drunk, eyes closed, slurring badly and wearing her clothes inside out. As one source put it, “she was on a whole other level.”
The story broke, a week ago Sunday Corinne and DeMario were naked in the pool, “rubbing, touching and fingering” and engaging in oral sex.
As we reported, Corinne insists she was so wasted she was incapable of giving consent, and blames producers for not calling a halt to the escapade. She says she has no recollection of events in the pool.
People who have seen footage of the encounter says it’s apparent she was lucid the entire time.
We know DeMario says when they went to the pool, Corinne was drunk but still lucid. 
Connecting the dots … it’s possible Corinne was drunk but still with it at the pool, but as she continued drinking entered a blackout stage and forgot most of what happened from the time she began drinking.
Warner Bros. lawyers interviewed all cast members before they left the mansion and continue to investigate alleged “misconduct” … this after the producer assigned to Corinne complained producers should have stopped the activities in the pool.

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