Basketball Legend,Kobe Bryant, Retires With A Record-Breaking Performance For LA Lakers

Basketball legend, Kobe Bryant, went out absolutely firing in his final game before retirement, giving the Los Angeles Lakers one more dazzling display of offence to close out his 20-year career.

And he went out a winner.

kobe bryant retires onerandomchick

Scoring 60 points from his 50 shots, Bryant’s career came to a close Wednesday night with the Lakers beating the Utah Jazz 101-96. Bryant hugged former teammate Shaquille O’Neal in the final seconds and scored 23 points in the final quarter.

It was a storybook finish, the sixth 60-point game of his career. It also was the most shots taken by anyone in an NBA game in the last 30 seasons, according to STATS.

Bryant checked out with 4.1 seconds left, serenaded by “Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!” chants. He retires as the NBA’s number three all-time scorer and winner of five championships.

No one in NBA history ever scored more points in his last game.

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