Beautiful Love Story Between Shola And Ebi Who Met In An Uber Cab Is Beginning To Turn Sour After The Grooms Ex Comes Out To Publicly Tag Him As A Gold Digger  

Interesting story of a couple who met in an uber cab has been going viral all weekend. Well, the it turned out there were other bitter  sides to the story. 
Well, here’s what the bride- Ebi had to share about her groom-Shola Okorodudu her newly found love. 

Beautiful right? Well, here’s the twist of the story. Shola’s ex-girlfriend had something to say about her past relationship with him. She tagged him a gold digger.

Sad right? Do you all think she should have kept the tales of their past relationship private instead of making it public?
Well his deeds are grievous. 
Well the new bride had something to say to her husband’s ex. 

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